Lightweight stainless steel frames and bi-injected rubber temple tips for a sporty look Two stainless steel and rubber sides, and one acetate side Adjustable branches and insert holders, removable tips, high quality screwless flex hinges Metallic lacquer

Nose / Caliber : 54
Bridge size : 16
Branch length : 145

Prices generally observed



Festina glasses are hand-finished with great attention to detail.
All frames are guaranteed for 1 year and will be replaced for any manufacturing defect.


Delivery is generally made by express transport in 2 to 3 days.
We provide you with a tracking code as soon as the shipment is completed.


Festina Glasses are hand-finished with great attention to detail. If you wish to change your frame, you have 10 days after receipt to return it to us in its original packaging with the accessories and receive an equivalent frame of your choice. Only transport costs remain your responsibility.


If you are not satisfied with your frame, we will refund you upon receipt of the frame in its original packaging with its accessories.
Communicate directly with us via the site for the address.

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